Suffering from dull and tired, or oily yet dehydrated skin?

Even the healthiest of skin can sometimes look dull, lacklustre and dehydrated. Find out how to achieve a more radiant appearance and what causes dullness.


Breathe New Life Into Your Skin

In times of stress, taking deep breaths helps to calm the nerves and clear our heads. The same oxygen we breathe in is vital to the renewal and hydration of our skin as it ensures the proper functioning of cells.

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Oxygen Bubble Face Spa

Specially curated to bring radiance back to dull complexions, this powerful regenerative treatment deeply hydrates and enhances extracellular matrix components' synthesis to battle signs of ageing. 


O2 Charcoal Bubbles are created using nanotechnology, locking oxygen into the skin to achieve glowing radiance and dewy hydration.

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Purifies and Brightens

The main cause of dull and tired-looking complexion is impurities. Accumulated over time, our skin is full of oil, grime and dirt. 


To combat that, our Oxygen Bubble Face Spa contains activated charcoal that absorbs impurities up to 200 times its weight. 


How Does Charcoal Help Our Skin?

  • Absorbs the impurities and purges them from our skin, leaving it cleaner and clearer

  • Deeply but gently cleanses the pores

  • Detoxifies our skin

  • Eradicates blackheads without hurting the skin

Duo Hydrating Action


This treatment introduces oxygen into the skin, allowing efficient absorption and penetration of O2 Bubble Essence that includes the deeply hydrating combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Arginine.

Combats Signs of Ageing


Oxygen delivers essential nutrition to the skin. With a higher level of oxygen, skin cell metabolism increases. However, the largest organ of the human body receives one of the least amounts of oxygen. This is because it is the last to receive oxygen that travels through the body. Skin oxygen depletes as we age, resulting in lower collagen reproduction. Hence the appearance of fine lines, aged spots and wrinkles. 

For firm and youthful-looking skin, Oxygen Bubble Face Spa instantly locks oxygen in the pores resulting in a collagen boost.

The results following Oxygen Bubble Face Spa are instant, with no downtime.


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