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Icoone Laser: The Reason Why We Don’t Have To Age Anymore

Icoone Laser Anti-Ageing is a revolutionary laser technology that helps to reduce the signs of aging. It is an innovative and effective way to restore your youthful look and feel. The laser energy is used to stimulate a natural healing process within the skin, encouraging the production of collagen- the protein responsible for keeping skin looking young and healthy. The laser energy also works to improve skin tone and elasticity, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. With regular treatments, you can help restore a fresh, youthful appearance. 

Let us understand why we age and how Icoone Laser can reverse the ageing process.


Ageing is a natural process that we are all subject to, but advances in science and technology are now showing that aging can be slowed, and even reversed, through lifestyle, dietary changes and a little help. By making healthy changes to our lifestyle and diet, we can reduce the impact of ageing. Additionally, with the help of modern medical interventions, we can even reverse the ageing process. 

Dr. David Sinclair, world-renowned authority on genetics and longevity, reveals a bold new theory explaining why we age. As he's written: “Ageing is a disease, and that disease is treatable.”

Our perceptions of our scientific limitations are being stretched in this eye-opening and provocative work, which reveals incredible breakthroughs that demonstrate we can slow down, or even reverse, ageing – many of which are coming from Dr. David Sinclair’s laboratory at Harvard. A crucial step in reversing ageing is to activate newly discovered vitality genes, descendants of an ancient genetic survival circuit which causes ageing and reverses it. In the near future, genetic reprogramming may allow us not just to feel younger, but to actually grow younger.

The Causes of Wrinkles

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This decrease in skin quality is due to the loss of collagen and elastin, which are the two main proteins responsible for keeping skin looking young and healthy. As a result, wrinkles begin to form and the skin becomes more prone to damage. Wrinkles are mostly caused by ageing: as our skin ages, it loses its structure, elasticity, and firmness:

  • There is a gradual decline in the activity of the fibroblasts. A scaffolding of elastic fibres and collagen is formed beneath the epidermis by these connective tissue cells, which becomes increasingly fragile over time. For instance, wrinkles are caused by the gradual loss of collagen and elastin in the skin's dermal layer as a result of decreased fibroblast activity.

  • Aside from being less produced, elastic fibres and collagen are thinner and their structures change with age. This causes the skin to become less resilient and less capable of retaining moisture, leading to wrinkles and sagging. As the skin's natural oils decrease, it also becomes drier and more prone to damage from environmental factors such as UV radiation and pollutants.

  • Dehydration also increases wrinkles and the production of sebum decreases, which makes the hydrolipidic film that covers the skin less protective. The production of sebum decreases, so skin loses more water. This leads to dry skin, which is more prone to damage and irritation. Dry skin can also cause itching, flaking, and redness. Finally, dehydration can lead to premature aging of the skin.

There is no escaping the fact that these processes are inevitable, and genetics can accelerate or slow them down, but photo-ageing plays a very important role as well: when the skin is overexposed to the sun or tanning lamps, the ageing processes are accelerated, as UV radiation causes reactive oxygen species, free radicals, to form, which greatly speed up the appearance of wrinkles. So just remember: if you want to slow down the ageing process, put on your sunscreen and avoid the tanning bed - or else you’ll be saying “wrinkles before 30!”

Wrinkles Aren’t Created Equal

That’s right! But, they’re all equally undesired. Wrinkles Aren’t Created Equal. Fine lines around the eyes are caused by repetitive facial expressions, such as laughing or smiling. Deeper wrinkles are caused by a combination of factors, including sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Anti-aging products can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


  • The first form of expression lines is crow's feet caused by squinting, while wrinkles around the mouth are caused by smiling a lot; these appear when we contract our facial muscles without even being aware of it. These facial expressions cause the skin to fold in specific places, creating permanent wrinkles and lines. Over time, these wrinkles deepen and become more visible as the skin loses elasticity and collagen.

  • The force of gravity pulls down the skin as the subcutaneous tissues sag as we age; gravity wrinkles tend to be more pronounced in older people. For instance, nasolabial folds are wrinkles that run from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth caused by a combination of gravity and facial expressions.

  • When the skin has been exposed to UV rays or hasn't been protected, 'parchment' wrinkles develop. Parchment wrinkles are caused by thinning of the skin due to UV exposure leading to loss of collagen and elastin. They appear as deep, dry lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and on the cheeks.

  • At first, sleeping wrinkles seem harmless since they disappear shortly after we wake up, but as we age, they tend to remain because our skin loses elasticity. As we age, the skin loses its ability to snap back quickly which causes wrinkles to remain even after we wake up. This is because the collagen and elastin fibers that provide the skin's elasticity decrease in production and become weaker.


Icoone Laser: Effective Anti Ageing Treatment

Innovating Icoone Laser technology, which uses lasers and LEDs to target and activate collagen remodelling to reverse the signs of ageing.

As a result of its 650 nm laser, it rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen production by the fibroblasts present in the connective tissue. This technology works by using low level laser and LEDs to target the skin, and sends energy directly to the dermis, which is the deepest layer of skin. The energy is then absorbed by the fibroblasts, which are responsible for producing collagen. The increased energy stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen, which improves the skin's elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and smooths out fine lines.

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With no side effects, non invasive ad zero downtime, Icoone Anti Ageing Laser is one of the best anti-ageing skin care treatments.

It uses microstimulators that, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin with Roboderm® technology. A unique and effective stimulation that reaches deep into the skin, activating it in three dimensions and at the deepest layers, it is known as Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation. 

Icoone Laser facial massage helps plump up skin by stimulating fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen. Furthermore, Icoone Laser treatment leaves skin fibres more elastic, resulting in instant anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effects with visible results. The skin becomes firmer, more elastic, and looks more radiant, thanks to this anti-ageing skincare intervention. It is pleasant and gentle, completely painless, and eradicates the appearances of  wrinkles and fine lines.

Book your Icoone Anti Ageing Treatment appointment now!

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